princess azzurra and the gluttonous dragon

English Project

ebook Princess Azzurra and the gluttonous dragon

Princess Azzurra and the Gluttonous Dragon

Illustrated little story for children from 2 up to 6 year.

Sometimes it’s hard to give up things we love, but often sharing them with someone else means to have a bigger reward! A new friend and new stories to live. Read the story of princess Azzurra and solve the games.

24 colorful pages written and illustrated by Elisa Favi


FREE amazing interactive E-Book from Elisa Favi & Paolo Carnovalini


EBOOK for 2.99$


Did you like my little story? You can give me a coffe, I have other stories to draw and translate!

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7 thoughts to “English Project”

  1. Thank You Marta! I’m so glad your children will read it! Please let me know what they think about the book.

  2. Thank you very much Gastón, Your proposal is very interesting! I’ll look Eurocase products site and answer by private email as soon as possible!

  3. Really great! I am sure my little kids will enjoy listening to and playing with your fantastically well illustrated story! I usually read books by Eric Carle, , Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler or Audrey Wood, just to tell you some names but your book seems to have nothing less than the works of these well known illustrators !! Brava !

  4. It´s a pleasure to be in touch with you!

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    We have been one of the main computer accesories references in the area with our main brand EUROcase for more than 10 years and since 2012 we´ve released Tablets which nowadays has turned into our CORE business.

    We´ve recently released to the market TABI; a tablet for KIDS between 2 to 6 years old.
    TABI is the result of more than 6 months of Research and Development, as well as an important Investment.
    For your reference, we´launched this product in July, and we´ve got a very positive feedback from customers all over the globe (Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina and Central America).

    The Initial mass-production was of 3.000 units and in Spanish language, and Right now we are working on our English version for which we will produce another 3.000 units to test them in Europe and other markets and this is why we would like to include some of your apps and software.

    I am in charge of this project and I am looking for new contents to include into the tablet (Right now we count with more than 40 apps and contents bundled).
    The reason of this email is because I`ve been checking your website and I think your books are great!!

    We would like to come to an agreement between our companies so we can both get benefits from this project making some efforts so we can get a great product and at a suitable price for final customers!

    Our idea is to bundle some of your books/audiobooks on our product, which may be FULL version or DEMO, and then include links to your website so Parents can pay and download more from there.

    I would like to know your comments on this!

    Thanks in advance for your time,

    Best Regards,

  5. I seldom leave a response, but after looking at a few of
    the comments on this page English Project

  6. I download your book and beside the beautiful story I find the pictures wonderful. I congradulate you on your great talent.

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